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Is the salaah valid if sadja sahu was not made when iman stood up in the 4th rakaat

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the iman in the 4th rakaat of isha salaah instead of sitting in tashahud stood 3 quarter way up and sat down after been corrected by the muqtadis.he also didnt complete the takbeer therby reciting a lenghtened Allah instead of AllhuAkbar.he did not make sajda sahu.He admits being in more of a standing position than sitting.the salaah was repeated.Was this correct? Also most of the muqtadis agree that the imaam was almost standing however the ameer of the jamaat who was standing next to the Muazzin claims that he was in a squatting position.Is the Ameer’s word weightier than the other muqtadis?


If the Imaam stood up for the fifth Rakaat to such an extent that he was more towards a standing position, he should continue with the fifth Rakaat and add another (sixth) Rakaat. Thereafter, make Sajda-e-Sahw. However, this Salaat will be rendered as Nafl (optional). The Fardh Salaat will have to be repeated.

If the Imaam was more towards a sitting position, he should sit for Tashahhud after being corrected by the Muqtadis. If the delay in going in Tashahhud was equivalent to 3 Tasbeehs, then only is it necessary for the Imaam to make Sajda-e-Sahw.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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