My family is currently going through a severe hardship and crisis. Please can u suggest me some wazeefa or dua or anything which might help my family get out of this.

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I?m a university student living in dorms away from home. Sometime back I went to visit my family and I found out that my family is going through a servere hardship and crisis. My parents are really worried and since I live all alone in dorms away from my parents it really makes me worry as well. I really love my family very much and really want this crisis to be over. And I really want sanity to return in my family. Please can u recommend me some dua or wazeefa which I should read or anything which I should do so that my family gets over this crisis as soon as possible. I really love my parents and brother and sisters and I just cant see them go through all this. Please make dua for my family as well.


Allah Ta’ala has created us to test us through adversities. Nobody in this world has only favourable conditions without being tested in some way or the other. However, if one approaches adverse conditions as Allah advises, then that attitude invokes Allah’s mercy and the persons status are elevated by Allah.

During trying times, one should focus on Allah. He is our Creator, He brings all conditions and only Allah changes adverse conditions to favourable ones. Seek Allah’s help through patience and Salaat. If one is engaged in anything against the Shari?ah, seek sincere repentance. It is not expected to get Allah’s help while violating the orders of Allah. Also engage in Du’aa and Salaatul Haajat as much as possible. Giving charity is very effective in removing difficulties.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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