Due to delay from our parents, can I secretly marry my fiance, we are properly engaged by our parents?

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I want to inquire about ?eloping?. I read the fatwa given by you in which you said that its not allowed. My situation is that I am 30 year old man, I am engaged with a girl for the last 2 years. Both families arte ready. But I don’t know why my parents are delaying the marriage. I am partly depended on them for my marriage due to my financial situation. Can we get married without informing our parents?


In the situation that you are in, i.e. being dependant on your parents to a certain extent, you should rather wait for their permission to marry. After all, they are willing to help you financially. Insha-Allah there will be blessings in waiting until both sets of parents give their respective consents to this marriage. You might regret later on if you elope and get married because your parents might not help you financially and you may struggle, your wife might regret later on in life because of the predicament you have fallen in. This could lead to unnecessary problems in future, so in order to be saved from all these problems, wait for the consent of your parents and Insha-Allah happiness will be instilled amongst all. If you elope there will be disgrace on the two of you and also your parents will be disgraced.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf
Darul Ifta ? Jameah Mahmoodiya, Springs


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