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Do I need to observe kaffarah when I was misinformed by another brother?

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Asalaamualaikum. I became Muslim just under 3 years ago (and just before ramadhan). I was told by a brother whom I believed to be reliable, that it did not matter if I broke my fast and that I simply had to make up the fast after ramadhan finished. On several occasions during my first ramadhan I weakened and deliberately broke my fast. I have already observed the qada fasts. Do I need to observe kaffarah?


In principle, one will be excused to break one’s fast if he/she suffers from such a sickness that he/she fears if he/she fasts, his/her illness will increase or he/she fears that he might get sick or will lose his/her life or a limb or suffer such hunger and thirst that he/she fears his/her life or losing his/her mind. (Aalamgiri vol.1 pg.207)

Hence, if your fast was not of the above nature, then Kaffaarah and Qadhaa will be necessary. However, we should bear in mind that the Kaffaarah is, a) Freeing a slave, b) Fasting for 2 consecutive months, and if one is unable to do so, then, c) Feeding 60 orphans 2 meals.

You should also remember that for all the fasts that have been broken by eating or drinking, only one Kaffaarah will be sufficient. You will not have to keep separate Kaffaarah for each broken fast.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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