Working in travel agency. confused, first visit to holy lands. want to involve myself in ibaadah. if I go as group leader, I have to be involved in servin the Hujjaj. advise

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I need your advice. I?ve recently started working in a travel agency of Hajj and Umrah, London. I?ve the option of going to Hajj as a group leader. However, I am confused. This is my first visit to holy places and I want to involve myself in as much as ibaadah as I can. However, if I go as a group leader then I have to be involved in serving the Hujjaj most of the time. Due to which I would not be able to devout myself in Ibaadah. I heard from the staff of the company that one who goes as staff then one should make his mind to serve people there to the extent that one doesn’t even gets time even to make dua or pray sunnah. Rather jus after praying fard salaah one has to run to perform his duty towards Hujjaj. And like every muslim, I also have a deep desire since a long time that when I go to the house of Allah then I submit myself to Him completely and do my best because I want to become a totally obedient to Allah swt. Also, I believe that going to hajj is going in the path of Allah where one should spend his own wealth. If I go thru this company then everything would be free for me. I would like to go on my own expenses. However, since this is my first job and I have been working only for a month so I wouldn?t be able to finance myself, as I am a foreigner from India working as a student here in UK. So, my questions is: Considering all aspects/issues that I have mentioned above, what is your suggestion? Should I go or not?


Our suggestion to you is to embrace the opportunity of performing Hajj through the company.

To serve the Hujjaaj is also an act of great worship and an expression of obedience to Allah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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