During a 3 or 4-rakaat Salaat, in the 2nd Rakaat, after reciting Athayyat, if I start reciting Durood-e-Ibrahim, and then realize that I should stand up for the 3rd Rakaat, do I complete the Durood?

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If one has just started reciting Durood-e-Ibrahim, do they need to complete the first part, or both the parts, or should they just stop wherever they are, and immediately stand up? Does it make a difference if one does this during a Jamaat or individually? Does this action require Sajde-Sahoo?


1. If a person started reciting Durood Ibraaheem in the second Rakaat of a 4
Rakaat or 3 Rakaat Salaat and he remembers, he has to stand up then.
a. If he is reading alone, then he should stand up immediately and make
Sajda-e-Sahw after salaam if he reached ‘muhammad’ in the Durood Ibraaheem.
b. If he did not reach ‘muhammad’, there is no Sajda-e-Sahw. He should not
complete the Durood Ibraaheem but he should stand immediately after
remembering he has to stand up. (Fataawa Hindiyyah vol.1 pg.127)
2. If he is reading in Jamaat, there will be no Sajda-e-Sahw in all cases.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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