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Please answer mufti sahab .

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Assalam o alaikum , The Barelvis say that Deobandi(Tabligi jamaat) are from deviated sect and not from Ahle sunnah wal jamaat . They have distributed pamplets pointing out these from their own books written by noted Deobandi ulema For reference you can refer to books 1.Tazkirah Al-rashid section 2 page 289.(conversation betn Maulane Rasheed ahmed gangohi & Maulvi Qasim ralted with sex) 2.Tazkirah al-rashid secton 2 page 100 .3. 3. Arwahe salasa (Hikayat no.305 , page no 289 (again related with sex) there are many others . surprsingly these books are written by Deobandi ulama .What r ur views on this . If they are wrong and misinterprated y doesn;t Deobandi Ulama bring the truth to light and answer their false claims Jazakallah kahir


It is unfortunate that the great and illustrious Ulama of Deoband have been
quoted out of context.

It is against intellectual honesty and etiquettes of academics to do so. We
are busy preparing a detailed response to the allegations and false
accusations against the great and illustrious Ulama who have dedicated their
entire life serving the Deen of Allah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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