I am married to a foreign Muslim man, but our parents are unaware of it. He told me that his parents will not approve of a foreign wife. What are my rights as his wife?

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We had a nikah one year ago, after knowing each other for 11 months. It was a mutual decision based on mutual admiration and respect because our relationship had been conducted on the internet. Our love has not diminished, but my husband feels that obeying his parents command to marry a woman from his own country, is more important than fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities of our marriage. He has never provided for me as a husband should, and yet he intends to marry another woman chosen by his parents.


It was extremely irresponsible of your husband to have married you despite
knowing his parents insistence of marrying a woman from his country. It was
also irresponsible of you to have committed to such an irresponsible person
in such an irresponsible way (internet).

Marriage is a major step in life and you should have exercised precaution
before committing to marriage. If your husband cannot provide for you, and
you are unable to live with him, you may request him to release you by
issuing you a Talaaq.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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