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Mufti Sahib, Please interpret these two dreams for me. Jazakullahu Khair

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My father dreamt that he was in a slightly deep valley, and he was standing outside a small house. Young boys are there and doubting my dad’s ability in Ta’weez and Ruqya. My dad smiles, the boys challenge him to turn something white to black, and he does so, and he does other things that they challenge him to do to prove his ability and then he blows them away by exhaling, and brings them back by inhaling. Then he goes to an alley and his house is there, and in front of his house is a house, on the second floor of which are many young girls who ask him questions from there about what will happen in their lives, for my dad to pray for them, etc. and then they invite him to come up and to tell them what’ll happen in their future and to pray for them, etc. in their house. Then my dad wakes up from his sleep. He goes to the masjid and prays Tahajjud and fajr as usual, and during this time he still feels as though he has the same powers he had in his dream and is happy. Then he comes home, sleeps and he begins to dream again. This time he dreams that he has a new but small house in a village lot. He has neighbors’ houses around his. My dad has only a few chickens, and these chickens are missing. When my father goes to look for them, he opens up his door and sees all of the neighbors’ chickens, which are from a variety of shapes and colors, all flocking to this house. He then wakes up. What do these two dreams mean? Jazakullahu khair wa’salaam.


Both the dreams are positive.

They indicate unseen help and assistance from Allah Ta’ala to your father.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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