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I had this dream after fajr.. My husband and I are invited to do sehri at a family member’s house. After sehri, my husband tells me he’s going to the masjid for fajr salat. As he leaves I get the feeling that I’m hearing something. I am compelled by a feeling within me to go outside. As I reach outside, I see a group of men (about 25-30 of them), moving all together in a mob-like fashion. In the exact middle of this forward-moving group, I see an unusually tall man. He is upto a foot and a half taller then the men around him. He has broad shoulders, and a long beard (to the middle of his chest). His beard is mostly black, with slight bits of grey and white spread throughout. He has on a white turban or kofi. He has the most serious expression on his face..very serene. He isnt being dragged by this group, nor pushed by it, rather he is being moved along with them because the men around him are moving at a steady pace. From this group of men, I hear (though they arent actually saying it), the recitation of “Labbaik, Allah-huma Labbaik” (the verse that is recited during Hajj). I look at this group of people, and realize suddenly that this is the Mahdi. I’m both exilirated and scared: because I am about to witness one of the greatest eras of Islam, and because the coming of the Dajjal isn’t much far. I also see that around me, many other people have come out of their homes to see the Mahdi being “led” through the streets. please interpret. JazakAllah Khair..


The dream indicates your Iman, being firm and strong. May Allah increase our
Iman and protect us from the fitna and corruption of the Dajjal.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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