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I am praying five times salah with Jamat with the blessing of Allah, and try to attach myself towards Islam and I am trying to follow Islam. Today 19/June/05 after fajr pray I slept and I saw the dream. This is first time I saw this dream that the world is so much in trouble and I saw suddenly my all nails of hand become black, I told my sister or might be other that Dajjal has appeared now and now so much people may get killed, I told them in dream that I have read that when all everyone’s nails become black then it means that dajjal is appeared and then I see my other people (my family nail also black). Then some people ask me tell them about dajjal I tell them not to about otherwise he can hear as well and hurt you. I have a feeling in the dream that its appear far away from my native country (Pakistan) and in dream I’m in Pakistan. But one thing I told to the peoples that I mean that the time is come mehdii will kill dajjal and time is now near for success. I see someone fight as well.

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