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Problems with Memory…Dua Requested.

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Assalam-wa-alikum I’m currently doing hifz in a madrasa in India. But i have having trouble memorizing. I memorize about 7 ayats in 2 hours (which is very slow to me). I once read of a hadith/dua where you get up for Tahajud and recite the four suras: Mulk Sajda Yaaseen and Dukkan and recite a dua afterwards, but i dont know any of the suras, and looking at my current speed, it will take a very long time to memorize these. I saw a dua on your site that said to read, “Rabbi shali sadri, wa yasirle amri, wah-lal ugtami, was yaf ka who kawli,” or something like that after fajt 25 times, but it doesnt seem to work. Can you please direct me to some duas for, if possible, phtographic memory? Also when i memorize, alot of times when i take a break for 1/2 hr, i forget much that i memorized. Can you give me a dua to keep that which i memorize in my mind.


Allah Ta’ala created every individual with certain qualities. Some have very
good memories and others don’t. That is natural and nothing to be worried

You should continue your memorising of the Qur’aan according to your natural
ability. You should not exert yourself beyond that and neither should you
be worried. The Du’aas and Wazeefas are to enhance your memory. If you made
those Du’aas, leave the effect of your Du’aa to Allah Ta’ala. The Du’aa will
have effect in some area of your life. That is beyond our

We also advise that you place your right hand on your forehead after every
Fardh Salaat and recite, ‘Yaa Qawiyyu’ 11 times.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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