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Problem with Inheritance from father

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Dear Sir, my father has a business in which he sells alcohol. I know that this is haram and that all the money that he earns from its sale also becomes haram. I have tried to persuade my father to leave his business but have failed. My father has been fortunate with his business and made lots of money with which he has used to buy many properties! I am his only son and he intends to give me most of these properties as a basis for me to make money on (by renting) and to live in with any future family. Would it be wrong for me to live in any property that my father leaves for me, rent any of the properties to the public in order to make money, or sell all the properties and use the money for myself, knowing that the properties where all purchased with money gained from the sale of alcohol! If it is wrong for me to use the properties to my advantage what should i do with them? Thank you for your time and could you kindly email me your reply. May Allah (swt)bless your for your good work!


The income from the sale of intoxicants is not Halaal (pure) for a Muslim.

In view of your circumstances, we advise you become indebted by taking a
loan equivalent to the property/ies and create a Halaal source of income for
you. Your father may sell his properties and give you the proceeds of the
sale of the properties as charity to pay your debt. It will be permissible
for you to accept that money as your liabilities will be more than your
assets. Furthermore, if possible, it is advisable that you give charity from
your Halaal source of income equivalent to the value of the property. That
may be over a period of time to gradually cleanse yourself from the

That is also a cleansing procedure for your father’s income. Please note,
this is not a general ruling to create a leeway to earn Haraam and
thereafter cleansing it. The above is a leeway to come out of an already
existing predicament.


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