Can water enter vagina whilst fasting?

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1)Is it true that if a female is fasting, water cannot enter inside her vagina? 2) Is it true that if a female takes a gusl to become pure, water must enter the vagina? 3)if the answer to both questions is yes, can you please tell me what will the woman do in the following situation; she takes sehri and now its time for fajr but she needs to have a gusl to become pure before praying.(a) If the water has to enter the vagina will the fast be valid?(b) If the water cannot enter the vagina will the gusl be valid?


1. Yes, water entering the vagina nullifies her fast. (Haashiya Tahtaawi p.g
2. No, water does not have to enter her vagina. (Nurul-Eidah p.g 41;
Haashiya Tahtaawi p.g 82)
3. Refer 2

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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