Is Sajdah-tilawat allowed during prohibited times? do we need to be in wudu at the time of doing sajdah?

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1. When we are reciting the Quraan after Fajr salah (but before Ishraq) and come across a sajdah-tilawat verse, should we immediately make sajdah or should we wait for sunrise to be over? 2. If the answer is NO, then what must we do if we forgot to make sajdah after sunrise – can we do it whenever we remember (even if it is after 1 day)? 3. If we do sajdah later, do we need to be in wudu at the time of doing sajdah?


1. Sajdah Tilaawat may be performed after Fajr Salaat before sunrise.

2. If one did not make Sajdah immediately after the obligation, then he/she may do it at anytime later provided it is not at sunrise, midday or sunset.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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