Is using loud speakers for prayer Bidat? When we say salam in prayer, is it to 2 angels? Also, is it true that a Hafiz gets to choose 10 people to go to Jannah?

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Is using loud speakers for Adhan Bidat? Don’t they do this in Mecca and Medina? do you agree with the following statment? “It is not permissible to call the adhan like a song so as to add vowel points or letters or prolong the letters, or to listen to the adhan said or the Qur’an read in this manner.” I listen to the Adhan, as well as the quran, to remind me of Allah(swt) presence. Also what is the wisdom of saying “I seek protection in Allah from saitaan” when a dog barks? Is this because the dog can see the jinn? Also in the end of prayer when we say salam to our right and left, are we saying this to our brothers or the two angels recording our deeds? Is it true that a hafiz (one who memorized the Quran) gets to choose 10 people to go to Jannah?


1. It is permissible to use the loudspeakers to call out the Adhaan.
(Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah vol.15 pg.232; Mahmoodiyyah)
2. The statement is correct.
3. It is possible that dogs see the Shaytaan and barks.
4. When making Salaam one should make his intention of the Imaam, Musallees
and guardian angels on both sides. (Hidaaya vol.1 pg.114; Shirkat Ilmiyyah)
5. Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) stated, ‘Whosoever recites the Qur’
aan, by hearts / seeks strength from it, by observing its permissibilities
and prohibitions, Allah will grant him entry into Jannat an accept his
intercession on behalf of 10 of his family members and upon whom the fire of
Jahannum had become incumbent.’ (Mishkaat pg.187; Qadeemi)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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