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I am a woman who never used to cover my hair before. During Ramadhaan a Molana said in his lecture that ?a Muslim woman should cover her entire body, and if she thinks that she cannot do that immediately, then the minimum is that only her face, hands to wrists, and feet to ankles be showing, with the intention to build on that by covering the whole body in the future?. After I heard this I felt encouraged, and something moved my heart and I began to at least do the minimum. Last week another Molana told us that those who don’t cover from head to toe will be punished and are going to Jahannam. It is HARAAM to leave the face open because every inch must be sealed. He said all the hanafis are unanimous on this. He swore qassams and most of the sisters felt so worthless! I felt that my personal efforts in trying to go up the stages are a waste of time, and so did most of the sisters. Which Molana is right?


There are two aspects here:
One is I’elaam (to inform) and the other is I’emaal (to make others
practice). Informing is merely a means of making others practice. The
purpose (to make others practice) should be placed first and then wisdom
should be applied in trying to achieve the purpose.

Ideally, in principle, a female is required to cover her entire body
including her face. However, she may adopt any way that is convenient to her
to achieve this ideal by first wearing a cloak and scarf.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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