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Does wudhu break if you look into the mirror?

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Assalamulikum, I would like to know if the wozo breaks 1)if you look or accidentally look into the mirror? If the wozo breaks 2)if you look or accidentally look at pictures of family members? If the wozo breaks 3)if you think or accidentally think of haraam things? If the wozo breaks 4)if you sing american songs or even think of american songs? If the wozo breaks 5)if a female shows her hair to a male she can’t show your hair to? If the wozo breaks 6)if a female talks to a man she is not supposed to talk with without a reason? 7)Can you tell me exactly what are the ONLY ways your wozo will break? Can you please give me proof of all your answers to me please. Thank you for your time.


Hereunder are the things that nullify Wudhu: a) To answer the call of
nature, b) To pass wind, c) Emergence of any fluid from one’s private parts,
d) Passing out stones or worms, e) Blood or pus coming out, then flowing off
the mouth or the wound, f) To vomit a mouthful, g) To fall asleep when
leaning against an object, h) To become intoxicated and unconscious, i) To
laugh aloud in any Salaat which has Ruku and Sajdah in it, j) For any other
impurity to come out of the body and flow off.

However, the jurists have mentioned that it is preferable to repeat the
Wudhu after committing a sin. Hence, it is a sin to look at pictures of
family members, to think of Haraam things, to sing American songs, to speak
to men who one is not supposed to speak to, to show one’s hair to Ghayr
Mahram males. Therefore, it is preferable to repeat the Wudhu in the above

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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