My husband has a severe critical attitude towards me and the kids

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I have 2 questions, kindly guide me accordingly to Quran & sunnah;

1) My husband has a severe critical attitude towards me and the kids. His continuous criticism has thrown me into various stages of utter despair and depression, to the extend of sometime even losing hope in Allah Almighty. He tends to degrade and make fun of me or tell how much of a loser i am to his family and friends, who would then taunt and degrade me further.

Now, he has started this tactic with my eldest, in which he is continually degrading him etc. This is effecting in such a way that my eldest is losing confidence in his own abilities (just as i have due to the criticism). I have many times through various methods both peaceful, educational and angrily, tried to explain to my husband to quit this but to no avail. Please tell me what to do, i am at a complete loss. And the surprising fact is that my husband believes he is doing it for our good. 

2) What is the islamic views to reading fictional books that do not contain any romance, profanity, religious views, etc. Simple adventure books such as those written by Enid Blythen etc. 


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

  1.  We take note of your husband’s attitude towards you and your children. We advise you to identify an appropriate person who has influence on your husband to discuss the issue with him. If the right person is chosen and he adopts diplomacy in addressing the issue, we hope your husband would change his attitude.
  2.  It is permissible to read fictional book that do not have un-Islamic content with a useful intention for example improving ones language. 


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Imran Cyclewala

Student Darul Iftaa
Lusaka, Zambia

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.


ووجه الجواز عدم تعلق الحرمة به بل مبناه علي نية من طالعه فمن طالعه لغرض حسن مثلا تعلم الادب ونحوه فلا بأس كالمقامات الحريرية و كليلة و دمنه و الف ليلة ومن طالعه لتهييج الشهوة وتعلل القلب به فلا يجوز

امداد الاحکام(4/410) مکتبہ دار العلوم کراچی

سنسکرت سیکھنا

اس کی تعلیم تعلم کا فی نفسہ جائز ہونا بوجہ عدم مانع جواز کے ظاہر ہوتے ہے،اور قائدہ موقررہ  ہے کہ جو امر جائز کسی مستحسن یا واجب کا مقدمہ یا  موقوف علیہ ہو وہ مستحسن یا واجب ہوتا ہے-اور مصلحت مذکورہ  سوال کے  استحسان  یا ضرورت مین کوئی کلام و خفا نہین، لہذا اس زبان کی تحصیل ایسی حالت میں بلا شبہ مستحسن یا ضروری ہے علی الکفایہ،اسی بناء پر ہمارے علمائے متکلمین نے یونانی فلسفہ کو حاصل کیا اور علم کلام بطرز معقول مدون فرمایا-

امداد الفتاوی (4/73)مکتبہ دار العلوم کراچی


السؤال تعلم علم منطق حرام  او مباح او فرض او واجب ام حسن؟

الجواب العلم المنقول کالاغدية مقصودۃ والعلم المعقول کالادویة ضروری لمن اشتغل بالکفاية من المنقول

امداد الفتاوي (4/77)مكتبة دار العلوم كراتشي

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