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Is ghusl obligatory if a woman has discharge without orgasm?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Arij Canada

I was going through female ejaculation on different sites on the internet. According to Wikipedia and other sites it is mentioned that female ejaculation can happen with or without orgasm (i.e at any stage during sexual arousal) and many women actually feel it happening without orgasm. I want to know that is ghusl obligatory if a woman has discharge without orgasm? Since female ejaculate can vary in colour, smell and consistency and it is difficult to differentiate it from the other discharges she has.


Assalaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakaatuhu

We received your query wherein you asked if ghusl becomes necessary upon a woman if she experiences discharge without an orgasm. Our answer is as follows:

There are a few Masaail that need to be understood and insh-Allah upon clarification of these Masaail, the ruling related to the different scenarios will be easily understood.

1) In the instance of intercourse, ghusl will be wajib on both man and woman regardless of whether there is ejaculation or not. (AL Bahrur Raaiq vol 1, pg 100)

2) For ghusl to become necessary (wajib) in the instance of ejaculation, the Ulama mention that the semen must come out with desire. In the absence of desire, ghusl will not be necessary. In Hashiyatut Tahtaawi it is written:

Amongst the seven things that make ghusl wajib, one is discharge of semen to the external of the body when it comes out with desire. (Hashiyatut Tahtaawi pg 96, Umdatul Fiqh vol 1 pg 194, Al Bahrur Raaiq vol 1 pg 99)

Hence, if a woman experiences pleasure with the discharge, ghusl will be wajib regardless of whether the discharge was followed by an orgasm or not.

Note: The semen of women is normally thin and yellow (Maraaqil Falah pg 144)

3) The fluid that is normally released in the state of arousal prior to intercourse, is known as mazi. The exiting of such fluid necessitates wudhu, not ghusl. (Hashiyatut Tahtaawi pg 100)


Muhammad Z Panchbhaya

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