Can a Syed Accept Tip Income

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Can a Syed Accept Tip Income

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) I am living and studying in Germany. In order to meet my expenses and tuition fees I am also working part time in one Pakistani Restaurant(All foods provided are halal. No Alcohol is served.)

Besides having my salary from the restaurant as I am serving food to the people (as a waiter) I am also able to get some money from them as tip. I am Syed from cast, so I am really confused whether I am allowed to take this tip money or not? Because I know that Syed are not allowed to take any “zakat” “Fitra”..but I do not know whether this is “hadia” and if this is “hadia” am I allowed to take it or not? [Syed R.H.S., Germany]

A.) A Sayed is commonly known to be a descendant of Rasulullah Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. It is permissible for a Sayed to accept a gift. The tips given are a gift and not Zakaat.

We love you and we humbly request you to make du’a for us.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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