The Restaurant I Work at Started Serving Wine

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The Restaurant I Work at Started Serving Wine

By Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Q.) I am a student of masters in Manchester. I am not that good a Muslim but I try to be one. I am working here in a restaurant where halal food is served and is headed by a Muslim owner. Since the last few days they have started to serve all types of wine. In serving wine I am not happy by heart at all and I am not sure if it is a sin to serve wine. If it is then I am ready to quit this job. At the moment I avoid to serve wine and I serve mostly the Muslim customers.

I told my friend that I am not happy and comfortable in serving wine to customers and he said that it’s a sin on the owner not you. He said that Hazrat Musa, alayhi-salam, also worked in a wine bar, and you are only earning for your survival here. But I am not satisfied with this by heart at all. So can you please answer this question as early as possible?

A.) In principle, to work at a restaurant serving wine is not permissible. However, if you do not have any immediate means of income, you will be excused for working there until you find alternate employment.

In such a situation, your approach avoiding serving wine is correct. If you are compelled, you will be excused. The explanation offered to you by your friend of Musa, alayhis-salam, is incorrect.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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