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Company Social Events

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Company Social Events

By Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

Q.) I am a physician working in the United States. I was invited to a New Year’s party by the Chairman of the Department. I respectfully declined and explained that as a Muslim it is not permissible to take part in social events that have intermingling of men and women, alcohol and music. I was then asked as to why I work in a place where there are women and one is required to interact with them. May Allah reward you for your reply. [Irfan Asra]

A.) It was good of you to decline the invitation that comprises of haram Where you are forced to work in an environment with members of the opposite gender, you may do so within the Shar’ee parameters: avoid being alone with any one of them; speak only when extremely necessary; avoid unnecessary contact, etc.

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Albalagh Note: Socialization is different then interacting for pure business purposes. Islam prohibits socialization between members of the opposite sex. A Muslim faced with this situation should also remind his management that for religious reasons he cannot attend any event where alcohol is being served. Most managers will understand and honor that.

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