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I did istikhara for a guy for marriage and in the dream I saw mountains with water falls … Can you tell me what this dream means?

What is the permissible amount of alcohol in medication and ointments?

Does one have to perform Salaah while travelling on a plane?

What animals can be slaughtered in Qurbani and what is the minimum age required?

If someone didn’t make Qurbani during the 3 days of Eid, how does he make up for it?

What are the conditions for Qurbani to become wajib?

Can girls doing hifz pray Quran with gloves on during the state of Haiz?

Is ghusl obligatory if a woman has discharge without orgasm?

I request a brief summary on the martyrdom of the Khalifah, Umar Farooq Radhiallahu Anhu

State of a person who’s animal is slaughtered in another country when the day of Eid is prior to his?

Is it better to do Qurbani in one’s local country or is it better to send it abroad?

Is glycerine which is from animal sources Halaal to eat? Also, is food Halaal if it has vanilla extract?

Does the Saff always start behind the Imam?

Can we give blood to the hospital i.e. donate blood?

Are Lobsters Halaal to consume according to Hanafi Fiqh?