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Sunnas & Makhrūhaats of Fasting

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Arij Canada
Sunnas of Fasting

  1. Suhūr
  2. To delay the suhūr to just before ṣubḥ as-sadiq
  3. To be quick in breaking the fast (but one must be absolutely certain that the sun has set)
  4. To make the intention for fasting the next day before going to sleep

Makhrūhaat of Fasting

  1. To taste something unnecessarily
  2. Chewing something unnecessarily
  3. Amorous behavior (kissing, caressing, etc.) if one is unsure that it will lead to intercourse or orgasm
  4. Gathering the saliva in the mouth and swallowing it
  5. Any act which one believes might weaken one’s body from fasting
  6. Using the miswak is not Makruh even if it has a taste
  7. Using toothpaste is Makruh, however if one swallows anything whilst brushing, it will nullify the fast

This Q&A was collected from the official web portal of Academy of Research in Islamic Jurisprudence (Arij) from Canada, which was headed by Mufti Ibrahim Kureshi and Mufti Zakariyya Panchbhaya. As the original website is no longer accessible, we have provided a source link of each answer to the archive copy from Way Back Machine.

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