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Is it permissible for them to perform Jumuah Salaat there in the village or not?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Arij Canada

Back home there is a village, such a village that it does not have proper shops nor a post office etc. (a small tuck shop may be found). For their general needs they have to travel for about 10-15 km. Currently, Jumuah Salaah takes place there. If they travel to a city for Jumuah, they will have to travel about 50-60 km. Is it permissible for them to perform Jumuah Salaat there in the village or not? If a person comes from the city and performs Jumuah Salaat there, will his Salaat be valid or not?


السّلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Alhamdulillah we received your undated query regarding the permissibility of Jumuah Salaat in a village. Our response follows:

The Fuqaha have mentioned amongst the conditions for the permissibility of Jumuah Salaat that it must be performed in a city or a small town wherein the necessities of the inhabitants are fulfilled within the city or town without having to go somewhere else.

وقال شمس الأئمة السرخسي ظاهر المذهب أن المصر الجامع أن يكون فيه جماعات الناس وجامع وأسواق التجارات وسلطان وقاضي يقيم الحدود وينفذ الأحكام ويكون فيه مفتى إذا لم يكن الوالي والسلطان مفتيا (فتوى التاتارخانية ج٢ص٤٩)

وعبارة القهستاني تقع فرضا في القصبات والقرى الكبيرة التي فيها أسواق (شامي ج٢ص١٣٨)

If the village which is being enquired about meets this requirement, then Jumuah will be permissible and if not then it won’t be permissible. Based upon what has been mentioned, the validity and invalidity of the Salaat of that person who stays in the place that you are querying will depend on whether the above requirements are met or not. As this is an issue that can only be decided after actually seeing the said village and also taking into account its location with regards to the town boundaries, etc, it is difficult for us to take an informed decision in this regard. Hence, we advise you to consult the Ulama of that area and its environs and let them decide as they will be more aware of the situation.

(Reference: Ad Durrul Mukhtar vol 2 pg 137/138, Fataawa Mahmoodiyah old print vol 9 pg 124, Badaai’ vol 1 pg 260)


Muhammad Z Panchbhaya

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