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What say ulema about a convert woman who married a Musli and then says to him that 1) she cannot forsake the Christmas celebration and its rituals and 2) she casts aspersions on islam saying ‘what kind of a ‘f’ religion is this that a woman has to keep her husband happy all the time’. 3) She usually curses quran and hadith so, is her islam still valid?

If a 40 year old woman with the permission of her husband wants to go to hajj with someone who is ‘ghair mahram’, can she go?

What is the ruling of the shariah if a male asks a woman to give him oral sex?

If I told my wife by her name something like this ‘maniya I divorce you’ ‘I divorce you’ so, I issued the word divorce twice. Then after sometime before she could finish her time of ‘iddah’ I told her one more time ‘madniya I divorce you’ and from this statement I meant divorce. So, from this would my wife be divorced?

If a woman died and among her heirs she has six brothers and two sisters, according to the shariah how would her inheritance be distributed among her heirs?