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Purdah In Ihram

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Q: My mother requests a fatwa to show some women regarding the purdah in ihram, explaining:

1. The cloth should not touch the face

2. Purdah has to be observed from ghayr mahrams.

There is a misconception amongst some women who, throughout the year observe purda, اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه, but due to a certain aalim’s wife informing them that purdah is not necessary in ihraam, they discard it during umrah. She also would like to find out from Hazrat that:

3. Is wearing a normal purdah intentionally a major sin?

4. Would this also be the case if out of circumstances, since due to her eyesight, she cannot see with the cap purdah clearly?

5. What would be the penalty if the cap purdah unintentionally touches the face?

A: 1. – 2. It is a requirement for every female to conceal herself from ghair mahram (strange men) at all times. Her face needs to be concealed and covered. However, the law of ihraam is that a woman should not place anything against her face. Hence, she would be required to wear the niqaab in a manner that it does not touch the face. This can be achieved by wearing the cap-purdah.

3. Allowing the niqaab to touch the face is not allowed in the state of ihraam.

4. There are women who over all these years have been wearing the cap-purdah during ihraam and found it to be manageable. Hence, they should be consulted.

5. If it is for a short while then some Sadaqah should be given.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best.

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