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Umrah in Shawwal and Hajj ifrad the same year

I am currently residing in jeddah and intending to perform hajj this year. I’ve been told by several people that the best type of hajj for those living in jeddah is Hajj ifrad because jeddah lies within the meeqat.

However, I’m in a unique situation because I performed umrah during shawwal which is the months of hajj. And I was told that if you do hajj ifrad, you’re not allowed to perform umrah during the months of hajj. So I wanted to ask you what would then be the type of hajj that I should perform? And because I did an umrah in the months of hajj, do I have to sacrifice any extra damm?

The umrah I performed in shawwal was just a regular umrah that I perform frequently throughout the year. I wasn’t aware of the types of hajj then. I did the umrah and came back to jeddah and resumed with my daily life.

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