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Is Dr. Zakir Naik’s statement about the war of Karbala being a political war correct?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Jamia Binoria
While replying to a question in a live program on Dec 09, Dr. Zakir Naik said that the war of Karbala was a political war and he also used the word Radhiyallahu Anhu with Yazid’s name. To which extent this is correct. Please tell me as many messages come in my mobile asking whether it is right or wrong. I do not want a Fatwa just say whether it is right or wrong?
Waiting for your reply in answer.

الجواب حامدا و مصلیا

Let it be known that Radhiyallahu Anhu is a title offered by Allah Tha’ala upon the Noble Sahaba Ridhwanullahi Alaihim Ajma’een. Hence the requirement of it is that it should not be used as a title or a recognition for other than Sahabas. However permission is found in books of Fiqh in using same for elder Ulemas of the first century as an expression of Dua. Whereas using it for Yazeed is not correct since his cruelty and corruption is a known fact among the Ulema of Ahl e Sunnath. And in such a situation using this term to Yazid is similar to deceiving the common folk and it is necessary to avoid doing so. Whereas citing the incident of Qarbala as just a Political war too is not correct. Although from Yazid’s point of view it was indeed a political war but the religious factor was predominant from Hadrath Husain’s (Radhiyallahu Anhu) point of view but neither of these parties could be called Kafir. As for calling the incident of Qarbala just a ploitical war, is equal to removing the importance of the incident of Qarbala.

Allah knows best.

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