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I was walking down the road and from the opposite side, a yound girl came on a scooter, skidded and fell on the road. …I helped her to a sitting position and after 30 minutes,…Now I am feeling very guilty that I have done a big sin

An unmarried cousin of mine committed zina a few times but has repented seriously and has never ever comitted this sin again.How should she repent? Can she be forgiven if she truly repents? How does she feel normal again!

Is hugging and kissing with a girl before marriage sin?…. What would be the punishment for it?. How to repent it ?.. Is that punishment applied to her?.

The verse of holy Quran3:90 speaks about.. people who leave islam after accepting &then incerase in diss belief there is no repentence.. for them. And at anothere place in quran Allah ( SwT) speaks…

If a women has an affair with her khala’s husband (mother’s sisters husband) does her khala’s nikah become void?

I have committed a sin that i regret i used someone elses name to apply for credit…

I would like to ask about the regrets which are distrubing me. Once I had a intercourse and I performed oral to my wife, May I please know, how to repent on that, becuase I feel like I have done a very big sin.