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An unmarried cousin of mine committed zina a few times but has repented seriously and has never ever comitted this sin again.How should she repent? Can she be forgiven if she truly repents? How does she feel normal again!

I was wondering if it is haram for girls to rap? Its just speaking with a rhythm I guess.

I am suggested to wear on two stones in a silver ring for my well being by an astrologist.

Is hugging and kissing with a girl before marriage sin?…. What would be the punishment for it?. How to repent it ?.. Is that punishment applied to her?.

I had a meeting setup with a staff member to discuss performance over the last year. This meeting was scheduled to end at 12:00pm but as there were problems that came out during the discussion, the meeting ended at 13:30. I thus missed my Jummah salaah because of this….

How to ask forgiveness from swearing on the quran with your hand on it as well as swearing to Allah subt’ and lieing straight through….

I have been in an Haram relation with a girl for last 7-8 years. It started with simple chat, phone talk and then into a serious relationship….

Is Worshiping Sai Baba, Saint / Fakir called in India is Allowed or Dissallowed , Jayaz Or najayaz for a muslim….

I have committed a sin that i regret i used someone elses name to apply for credit…

I would like to ask about the regrets which are distrubing me. Once I had a intercourse and I performed oral to my wife, May I please know, how to repent on that, becuase I feel like I have done a very big sin.

My question is would Allah forgive her if she wants to come back in the right path of Allah ?

I work in a law firm which deals primarily in corporate matters and mergers…