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I am trying to make up my qada fasts of ramadaan of the past years. I also suffer from Urinary bladder infection. I have to drink lot of water. not to drink I feel a bit burning on the urinary part

(1) Is there a hadith where Rasulullah(saw) mentioned about the 4 imams to come(abu Hanifa etc.)? 2.I woke up once and wasn’t sure if it was sunrise yet but quickly made wudu and prayed Fajr

After coming out of toilet i feel as if a drop of urine has fallen in my underwear & sometimes during toilet i see white liquid emerging from penis which is sometimes thick, thin & white in colour

If I have my periods for only 5 days do I have to perform ghusal after the fifth day.

Can I pray qadha namaazes instead of sunnat e muakkadah while traveling in jamaat?

What is predestination (qadr) and what does Quran and Hadith say about it?

I have just joined a new company. I get about 45 minutes to an hour for lunch. I have to offer my Duhr and Asr prayers at work. Could I do my Duhr and Asr one after the other. I could offer late Duhr, (not Qada) and then do Asr right after it. I also want to clarify that I am doing this because there is one room where I can do my prayers and this room is not always available, so saying both prayers at their respective time and having a gap between the two prayers is sometimes impossible.

My wife was performing qada fast for her missed ramadan fasts. I was not aware of that. One day, I did not go to work by chance and called my wife…

My usual period was for 5/6 days. After having my second cesarean baby it has become very irregular with respect to number of days it persists as well as gap in between.

I have been blessed by Allah (S.W.T) with the privilege of residing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Alhamdulillah I have made intention to perform my 1st Hajj this year. (May Allah (S.W.T) accept it & make it

My question is regarding qadha salaah, i have years of qadha salahs to make up as i was not practising before, and also qadha fasts,

It takes me more than 5 hours to offer ada, qada umri salaats and wudhoo(because i also suffer from excess vaginal discharge). I leave the Nafl and Sunnat Ghair mauqada, still i take more than 5 hrs. I have a small daughter to attend to…

Does namaz become qadhaa on a girl who is 10 yrs old but has still not become mature