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I want to know weather the money deposited for a girl (amont:50000) for 7 years in indra vikas patr contains more than 50000 after 7 years, so is it permissible to use that extra money got after 7 years. Is it correct to make Dua after faraz namaz, or Dua must be done only after the completion of whole namaz.

I have read that we should recite the following. Dua when sitting between the 2 Sajdas:’Allahummagh Firli war Humni waj Burni war Fahni Wahdini wa Afeeni war Zukhni”. Is this ok, if so, please explain the meaning. Also, are we required to say, “Hamdan Kaseeran Tayyiban Mubarkan Feeh” after “Rabbana wa lakal Hamd” after standing up from Ruku?

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