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Clarify Fatawa islamiya about raising hands to make dua

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by ShariahBoard.org
From Fatawa Islamiya, by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Baaz, we learn that the practice of raising hands to make Dua by the Imam after Fard salat and the followers (muqtadis) also raising the hand and saying Ameen is a bidaa. Can you please clarify the issue further.
To make dua after the prayers with both hands raised is permissible. The fatwa you are quoting is incorrect from our research point of view. Abdullah ibn Abbas reports the prophet said, regarding the reality of the prayer, that it’s “takashu” sincerity, “tamaskun” forbearance, and “tadharu” humility, then one should say salaam. Than both hands are raised to make dua. These are the things the prophet said, hence it’s desirable near all four imams to raise hands after the obligatory prayers and make dua. Abdullah bin Zubair reports that he saw a man making dua with both hands raised before saying salaam. He said to him that the dua should be made after the prayer with both hands raised. We can extrapolate from this that this was a costume at the time.

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