Mother and Father

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Obeying the Parents

Answered by ShariahBoard.org

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah We are 4 sisters, we had one (youngest) brother who passed away 6 months back, he was a very good kid and used to take care of all of us including our parents, very much. For some reason our mother never loved him, so much so that she did not even talk to… read more »

Observing purda from adopted children

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Q: Is observing purda necessary between a man and his adopted daughter or a woman and her adopted son when they reach the age of puberty? A: We have prepared a detailed article on this issue. Below are the details: Islam places great emphasis on the aspect of segregation between males and females and a… read more »

Marital problems

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Q: In 1st March, I gave permission to abort the feotus of 10weeks old in my womb after my parents told me that, if I give birth to baby :if its a boy,he will be like his father and if its a daughter,my husband will rape her. They told me that I wont be able… read more »