medical treatment

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Refusing medical treatment

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Q: My sister suffers from severe menstrual pain therefore her parents wanted her to take HPR high dose but she kept it in the corner of her mouth but didn’t swallow it.Her father double checked her mouth but didn’t find anything miraculously. Her father then asked if she had swallowed it or if she was… read more »

Women going to male doctors

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Q: If a woman is ill, is it permissible for her to go to a male doctor for treatment? If permissible, then can she expose her body before the male doctor? A: Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (Rahmatullahi Alayh) has written in Baheshti Zewar, that if a woman requires medical treatment, she should go to… read more »

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I live in Sweden and here it is a law that if you are working here and paying taxes then you are eligible to take parental benefits if you have a child. Parental benefit means that you are entitled to take leave from work and the government social insurance will pay you 80% of your salary. Both mother and father are allowed to take leave from work and be with the child. Similarly they also give child allowance every month as well to the child parents. In order to avail these benefits we don’t need to pay any money. Everyone is eligible if he/she meets following conditions: (1) Have a personal number in Sweden (meaning legally allowed to live in Sweden for more than a year). (2) Paying taxes in Sweden or permanent residence in Sweden. (3) Register in the Government Social Insurance Agency (this can be done without paying any thing, you just need to register yourself in order to avail social benefits like discounts in medical treatment, sick leave benefit, child allowance and parental benefits). I want to know that what is the Islamic ruling on availing these benefits? As Muslims can we avail them?

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 684/684/B=09/1437) When you do not have to pay any amount to avail the said benefits and only it is enough that all the three mentioned conditions are found then in such a case if the government gives everything from its behalf, there is no harm in availing such benefit. Allah… read more »

Hair transplant

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Q: You had answered my question that hair transplant is not permissible in Islam which made me so confused because I am under the impression that hair transplant is using a person’s own hair to transplant in the bold area, so how can this be not allowed? I understand that hair wig is not allowed… read more »


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Q: Is there any mention of cupping in the Hadith and is it permissible? A: There are many Ahaadith reported regarding the benefits of cupping. Cupping is a type of medical treatment and to adopt a form of medical treatment is permissible. However, all forms of medical treatment should be carried out by people who… read more »