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 1)I have been married a month ago. My wife has bed pissing (urinating) problem and she wears the diaper daily before sleeping, They did not concelead it before marriage. Now i am very much angered, embrassed and disappointed and feel hatred towards her. Should i divorce her or wait for sometime to convert this hatred into love, I in my opinion do not think the hatred would go because my inlaws took her to many doctors and even went to aamils but everything went in vain.I am feeling stupid and every now and then i think abt it and get embrassed. Please give a solution to this problem. 2) My sister got a proposal of a guy who belongs to Mehdavi community . What is the status of Mehdavi community in Islam, Are they Sunni / Shia or any other community. Can a sunni girl marry Mehdavi community boy ?

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