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Late istikhara for marriage

Answered by Fatwaa.com

Assalamu alaikum, I received a marriage proposal, Alhumdulliah. The guy is extremely religious and has a good job as well. I have prayed to Allah many times to grant me a spouse who will assist me in my religious matters. My parents met him few weeks ago and were extremely satisfied with his behaviour and… read more »

Woman working

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Assalamu alaykoum wa rahatullahi wa barakatuh Is it permissable for a muslim woman, living in the western world, to work in a non-segregated office? This is a woman who truly wants to earn her own money, and who enjoys to work and be productive. She is working in an office, where her colleagues respects her… read more »

Working for Fostering Agency

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Asalamualaikum I was wondering if it was halal to work in a fostering agency doing admin work. I could work to promote the agency and help recruit new foster carers. I’m worried about possibly having to recruit carers with kids who have reached puberty. This is an issue because if the child is a boy,… read more »

Universal Credit

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In the UK theres this program which allows its unemployed citizens to gain government benefits like money if they actively job search for 35 hrs a week. 28 hrs a week for some who have a valid reason. if you dont do your weekly 35 hrs job search u could risk getting penalised. i thi… read more »


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Assalamu alaykum I would like to know if working as an Information Management for a government department that deals with foreign affairs, international trade, humanitarian aid, nuclear proliferation, emergency operations, global issue and development. My tasks consist of educating clients about information management, participating in information management meeting, developing/reviewing information management communication products to clients…. read more »

Travel in iddaah

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Assalaamualaikum I am in iddaah for a month now,I was staying with my husband in another town when he gave me my talaqs. My family felt I should come home to serve my iddah, so I did but now they can’t support me and I have a job where I was staying with my husband… read more »

Zakah to my father in law

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Mufti, My father in law had a good job at a reputable company, for which he worked for for over 3 decades. However, about 9 years back that company went bankrupt, and they paid my father in law out. My father in law used that money and all his savings to start a business. However,… read more »

Regarding lying on ones cv

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As’salamu alaykum I work for a software firm.I have been offered a project which is testing a software application of a cigarette company.And my job is to test the application and report it to the developers if there is any error. The other project is a healthcare project where we test the application regarding healthcare… read more »