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Please advice what is the islamic rule in these cases

My question is if doctor forbid husband to avoid intimacy with wife for few months then can husband get his satisfaction by just…

1. I work at night and get only 1 day off, during the week can I have intimacy with my wife? say like in the morning around 9 or 10 a.m….

Is there any sin when wife reject her husband. Can you please explain to me about this situation.

During Ramadaan (September2008) my husband announced that he was going to move out of the house after Ramadaan. In January 09 he moved to the outside quarters and said in two years time when our son finishes matric he will sell the property.

Can A Muslim Man Have a intimacy with a girl before marriage to show her that he love her.If NO can He Kiss her.And If no can he talk to her about the marriage and can he say that I LOVE YOU.

While performing ghusl you have to wash your hair throughly. But she has a skin disease on her head, psoriasias. The doctor recommended a special shampoo and medication for it.must she still wash her hair of is she allowed to just wash her body?

Fanaticizing about wife is permitted in Islam or not, please try to answer this question as I don’t want to commit sin and invite the wrath of Allah SWT .

Can a husband touch, insert his fingers in her wife’s private parts during foreplay.(Is this act considered as modesty).

I sometimes use my credit card and pay off the amount before any interest is charged on it…..Also If a woman approaches a Islamic Court with an appeal that her husband has raped her.

Is it permissible to have sex with wife when she is pregnant? If yes, then are there any precautions that one must take?