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Going ahead of the Imaam in Salaah

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Q. Does the Salaah of a follower in Salaah become invalid if he performs Ruku or Sajdah before the Imaam? A. A follower (Muqtadi) must not precede the Imaam in Salaah and must follow the Imaam in every posture of Salaah. If a follower makes Ruku’ or Sajdah before the Imaam does so, the Salaah… read more »

Forgetting to recite Tashahhud in Salaah

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Q. If I am following the Imaam or reading Salaah alone and I did not recite the Tashhuud because of no concentration, is my Salaah valid? A. The recital of Tashahhud in Salaah is necessary (Waajib). However, if a follower did not recite the Tashahhud in Salaah whilst performing Salaah behind the Imaam, the Salaah… read more »

Forming 3 Rows (Suffs) in Janaazah Salaah

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Q. At a recent funeral, approximately thirty people were in attendance. Just before the Jannazah salah was commenced, I asked the brothers to form a minimum of three lines (SUFFS ) to which an Arab brother said something and the presiding Imaam said it was permissible to have just one or two lines. Kindly confirm… read more »

COVID 19 South Africa – Taraweeh Rulings

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Q. How should Taraweeh Salaah be performed in Ramadaan with the lockdown restrictions in South Africa? A. The performance of 20 Rakaats Taraweeh Salaah is an emphasised Sunnah (Sunnah Muakkadah) for both males and females during the month of Ramadaan. Given the current circumstance of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in South Africa, men should perform… read more »

COVID 19 – I’tikaaf & Eid Guidelines 1441/2020

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I’tikaaf during lockdown The performance of I’tikaaf is observed in the Masjid during the last 10 days of Ramadaan. However, this year, due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 lockdown, the performance of I’tikaaf in the Masjid may not be legally possible. Therefore, the performance of Salaah and other acts of worship should continue at… read more »

COVID 19 South Africa – Jumuah Rulings

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Q. In South Africa, gatherings of a 100 people or more are prohibited as of 15 March 2020 until further notice. How should Jumuah be performed in this situation? A. In light of the Covid-19 epidemic in South Africa, Jumuah should be performed in groups not exceeding 100 people. Jumuah may be performed in classrooms,… read more »