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Corrected waswaas question

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Asalamu alaykum I posed a similar question before but I made an error before so please could mufti review my question Asalamu alaykum mufti I am hanafi When I was really young- at the age of 9 perhaps, I developed this intense fear of my mother passing away. At that age I was too young… read more »


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Assalam Alyaikum! Because of religion restriction I became crazy: usually a lot of impurities I face every day make me very nervious, difficulties with halal food, problems with wudu saving, etc. I constantly think about suicide. Because I take care of my worship and a lot of reasons that can take away them. I don’t… read more »

Bathroom Worries

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Assalam o Alaikum.I have quite a lot of worries whie going to the bathroom which makes me hate to go to the bathroom.I have a few questions which I hope you would answer.Please answer quickly because it is causing me a lot of worries in purification: 1. I always get the doubt of urine splashing… read more »

Ya Badooh

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Assalamualaikum Mufti Saheb, I have seen one wazifa of reciting Ya Badooh. But what is the meaning of Ya Badooh? Please reply at the earliest. Answer Wa’alaykum as Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, Allah Ta’ala has many beautiful names. Allah Ta’ala has advised us to call Him using these names. In verse 180 of Surah… read more »

Doubts concerning ingredients

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Asalamualaikum I get so many doubts about the ingredients of food and drink. If I want to buy it or it has already been bought, then I immediately check the ingredients. However, a lot of these foods and drinks have so much ingredients, that it stresses me out. I’ve had to avoid food that had… read more »


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As salam alaykom, Please I need FATWA… It’s a very delicate and intimate situation. I met one muslim boy at work, married since 5,5 years, with one baby 2 years old… He has not had sex with her for more than 2 years, he does not feel attracted to her at all, she often gives… read more »

Faith and believe on islam

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Islamic question : one of my friend name I m not mentioning due to his request He is very upset and depressed due to weak faith and believe. He tells his faith towards all Islamic pillers and akhirah are weak in past he fine but since more than 2 Year suddenly his imaan going weak… read more »

Life Riddled with Doubts.

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As salamu alaykum. I heard that in Islam we’re instructed to leave doubts and focus on what we’re certain of. I’ve learnt a lot of Islamic advice which has been helpful to me. However, what do I do in the case of where I’m not certain of anything? Like for example, I know that if… read more »

Imam or wizard?

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Assalamu Alaikum I am a sixteen years old girl who comes from Albania. I wanted to tell you something that happened to my father when he was 20 years old. At night he often felt suffocated, had nightmares and even other problems. His parents took him to the nearest mosque by an imam for a… read more »