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Making cakes and bridal wear for non-Muslims

Assalamu Alaikum sheikh

We do baking and stitching business from home. In our cake business we are asked to write wishes (merry Christmas, happy Diwali etc) for various such non Muslims parties and festivals according to our customer requirements. Is it OK to do so. Ours is a mixed society. Is my income halal?

2.we stich bridal dresses and as ours is a mixed society we are asked to stich for Christian brides(gowns etc), for hindu brides etc according to their traditions. Is it OK for us to stitch for our non Muslim neighbors according to their needs? Is my income halal? Can we earn through this.. Baking and stitching business?
I am really anxious because of the confusing opinions on what is right and what is wrong. Please kindly looking farward for the reply sheikh.

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