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Severe gender dysphoria

Assalamalaikum. I am biological female but since childhood I’ve felt I am a male and feel uncomfortable living as a girl. I’ve tried to change this but it didn’t work. This is making it very hard for me to be happy and I’m trying so hard not to commit suicide. Some people say it’s okay to transition in severe cases of gender dysphoria. Doctors told me I should transition too. There are some biological links that have shown to play a role in this. There is no proven way to fix this problem other than by transitioning, and most attempts to do so cause harm and are ineffective. I do not want to simply act like a man, I want to be one. 4 of the 5 aspects of biological sex can be changed. The one that can’t is chromosomes, which are considered a minor factor and males with XX chromosomes are considered male. Furthermore, most people including myself don’t even know their chromosomes for sure, so they’re quite irrelevant. I’m willing to avoid my desire to marry a woman even if I transition (if transitioning is allowed, please let me know if marriage is). I know that without certain medical advancements that may take around 10 years, I won’t be able to father children, and I am okay with that. Nearly no one with severe early onset gender dysphoria and gender incongruence regrets their decision to transition, regrets are mostly in cases of young people, or mild gender dysphoria, so I know this choice would make me happy, but the problem is it might not be allowed in Islam. I know this might be seen as an unnecessary body change, but for me it’s very important. Thanks for your time may Allab bless you for your answer.

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