An Imam Leading Two Friday Prayers

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As Salamu Alaykum, there is a local Islamic Center who holds two separate jumu’ah prayers (at different times) because the community has gotten so large that they cannot accommodate all of them in one prayer. Is it permissible in the Shafi’i madhhab for the Imam to conduct both jumu’ah prayers , i.e. giving both khutbahs at each prayer and leading both prayers (meaning…is it permissible for him to give another khutbah and lead another prayer even though he has already given a khutbah and lead a jumu’ah salah earlier?)

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Wa alaykum salam wa rahmatuLlahi wa barakatuHu,

In Tuhfah v. 2, p. 443 and Hashiyat al-Sharwani v. 2, p. 487, it is stated that the Friday prayer is valid when lead by one performing a supererogatory prayer so long as he is not counted from amongst one of the forty. One who is a traveler or only performing it as a supererogatory performance, for example, may deliver the lecture and lead the prayer.

And Allah knows best. Fatwa Dept.

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