Recommendations When Making Ihram (Hanbali Fiqh)

Answered according to Hanbali Fiqh by HanbaliDisciples.com
Q: I’m going to make Hajj and Umrah, are there any recommendations when making Ihram?
A: Before you make Ihram it’s recommended to do the following:

1. Ghusl or tayammum if you can’t make tayammum. (WOMEN: regardless if you are experiencing your monthy cycle or post partum bleeding)

2. Trim both hair and nails

3. Wash your body to remove any foul odors

4. Apply perfume to your body only (MEN only)

5. Remove all fitted clothing and wear two clean white wraps (MEN Only)

6. Make Ihram after a prayer

Source: Hidayat al-Raghib

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