Is one grandmothers brother and one grandmothers sisters husband considered to be ones Mahram? 

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Q. I recently went into niqaab. 1) Am I allowed to show my face to my mother’s aunt’s husband? (My mother’s aunt is my grandmother’s sister) Or in other words, my mum’s maternal aunt’s husband. 2) Am i allowed to show my face to my mother’s blood uncle? My mother’s blood uncle is Her mother’s brother. (I.e My grandmother’s brother) Both of them are old and are 60-70 years old.

A. Your grandmother’s sister’s husband is considered a non-Mahram (stranger) to you. Hence, you will have to observe Hijaab from him.

Your grandmother’s brother is considered a Mahram (non-stranger) to you. Hence, it will not be necessary for you to observe Hijaab from him. (Al-Lubaab-Fi Sharhil-Kitaab 3/4)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa

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