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Can I claim benefit for purchasing kitabs

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


I hope you are in the best of health, my question is that I am a student at a darul uloom and im going into bhukhari next year so as you know very well that it,is prefreable to have your own kitabs, but unfortunately I dont have that much money I have about 150 which I will be using for jamat this ramdhan for 40days, so for my kitabs im getting some money off my dad but I feel that I need much more so I can buy other kitaabs aswell wich I really would like to have, I also stay in darul uloom 8 to 8 mon to fri so I cant work too. Only time I can is weekend but you know how hard it is to get a job for jus like one day, so I was wondering if I can apply for job seekers allowance and get the money for like three weeks roughly enough for me to buy kitaabs with then I will stop getting job seekers allowance, is it possible for me to do this?
P.s. Please make dua that Allah makes my situation regarding money very easy for me.


£150 is not too much money so you could claim. However, you don’t HAVE to buy the books. Madrasah provides for you. So be careful.

May Allah make things easy for you. Seeking from Allah would be better than seekers allowance.

قل اللهم مالك الملك توتي الملك………. الي…………بغير حساب
3 times after Isha and make dua wassalam

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