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Is it black magic?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


Dear Molana, please can you assist us, and we are in need of help.

My Sister and Brother in Law , are having problems in their marriage. They have been married for over 10 years , and have two Mashallah beautiful children. My sister is saying that she just wants a divorce , and no reason for it. Yet when they come down to my mums as a family ( From Scotland to England ) , they seem like a normal couple. As soon as they get back to their house, my brother in Law tells me , that my sister wants a divorce, and to sell the house and give her half the money and separate. My brother in law is desparate to save his marriage and is asking me for help. They have just been to Turkey as a family, and had a good time there, but as soon as they are back, its the same story. This is why we are confused. One minute, they seem okay and the next it seems like the marriage is over.

Last year, not known to us, at the time , they were separated for three months, and I talked them round to try again. Now they are back to the same problem. Many people including my Brother in law , thinks there is Black Magic involved.

All we want is my sisters family to be happy and work. Allah knows best, whether there is any Black Magic involved. Is there anyone who can help us find out and possibly remove this Black Magic, ( if it is present ). There are many fraudsters, claiming to do this, but we need someone who is genuine and fears Allah and is truly qualified to do this. Please can you help us, or point us in the right direction.

PS, my family including ( father and sisters are aware of the situation ) , except my mother who has depression and has not been told, as she may not be able to handle the news at this time.

Allah willing, we want their family unit to work. Please can you help us.

Jazakallah Khair



After reading your query very carefully, I don’t think its black magic, otherwise that condition would remain all the time and everywhere. Rather, When they get to their house some odd feelings take over them. See if they can move houses. Maybe, that will get rid of the feelings.

Also, Practice on the Wazeefa of protection mentioned in the Dua section.


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