Can we wear any sort of Topi?

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by Tafseer Raheemi


  1. Can any sort of hat be a Topi? E.g. woolly hat, pompom hat, cap, designer hat, winter hat that covers ears, hat with a turn up?
  2. Does wearing any hat mean one has accomplished the Sunnah?
  3. If one doesn’t have a hat and wears his hood in salaat is this alright and do you get the reward for covering your head?


  1. Hats that are worn by the saliheen are the best.
  2. The aim is to cover the head in a suitable manner.
  3. I hope so – we do get the Moroccan jubbahs which have hoods on them; you can cover your head with it.  However it is best to wear the libaas of the saliheen.

This answer was collected from the official website of Sheikh Abdul Raheem Limbada (Hafizahullah) of UK.

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